How RoyalDesign perfected deliveries – and freed up resources

Unsurprisingly, the home-and-garden market is currently transitioning to e-commerce, with a large market share increase expected. So-called perfect deliveries help ensure fewer returned items – and more returning customers – but retailers need to keep a close eye on costs.

Customer challenge

A leading online retailer for home and office furnishings, RoyalDesign offers high-quality brand items at enticing prices. But the company needed to streamline and improve delivery processes. Their goal was to minimize delays and prevent other issues that erode customer loyalty.


RoyalDesign identified Wismotion as the ideal solution. “The platform provides a clear, unified overview of our deliveries – in real-time and for all carriers,” says David Måsegård, Site Manager at Royal Design Group Holding AB. “This lets us proactively manage fulfilment risks. Any problems that do crop up can be addressed and communicated efficiently.”

We didn’t hire more staff, we just added a smart visibility platform.

Arvid Eriksson
Head of Customer Experience, Royal Design Group Holding AB


Within a year of integrating Wismotion, RoyalDesign reported major improvements throughout the delivery chain:

• Fewer WISMO calls (“Where Is My Order?”)

• Increase in perfect deliveries

• Substantially better TrustPilot scores

• Decreased delivery costs and fewer returns, which means more resources for logistics, marketing, and customer service

And these developments are being recognized. In 2021 and 2022, RoyalDesign received a prestigious award from PriceRunner: “e-Retailer of the Year” in the Home & Interior category. We say congratulations!

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