Service Quality Analysis

Measure how well you perform in terms of delivery! Then set benchmarks and track your progress. Our intuitive tool covers all the KPIs that really matter.

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How good are you really? Find out!

Wismotion Service Quality Analysis (SQA) is an out-of-the-box analytics solution designed to measure logistics and delivery performance. Our goal is to help merchants to improve both operational efficiency and customer service.

Wismotion SQA measures the following components across time, service providers, and destinations:

  • Reliability: Is delivery service consistent? Are services offered in an accurate, timely way?
  • Responsiveness: Are customer needs met? What is the response time? How quickly are issues resolved?
  • Communication: What is the level of customer engagement between purchase and final delivery?

Analyze pre-defined performance metrics, using a clear, intuitive dashboard.


Compare your performance to industry peers to understand how your organization needs to adjust.


Make changes in your delivery service and measure the short- and long-term impacts.

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Wismotion has provided huge relief to our customer service department.


We didn’t hire more staff, we just added a smart visibility platform.

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