Delivery Experience Management

Give your customers the best possible delivery experience. This not only reduces complaint volume, it increases customer lifetime value – sustainably.

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Increase customer value while cutting delivery costs.

The Wismotion Delivery Experience Management (DXM) solution uses our real-time visibility platform to give you control of the whole delivery process. By proactively communicating with your customers, you can reduce:

  • WISMO calls (“Where Is My Order?”) by 30‒60%
  • Returns from pickup service points by 30‒60%
  • Transport terminal storage by 30‒40%

Wismotion DXM offers personalized, efficient customer communication from preparation through delivery.


Create your own appealing templates, and define rules for their use.


At each touchpoint, our system selects and sends the right template – automatically.


Display the promised delivery date, share contact info, and enable cross-selling. Everyone benefits!

Take ownership of the customer delivery journey.

Keep customers in the loop through branded communication.

Give your customers a great last-mile experience. Wismotion DXM bundles all the tools you need to send reliable delivery notifications in line with your corporate design.

  • You decide how Wismotion keeps your customers in the loop.
  • Now choose a ”dynamic content” template from the Wismotion library, add your own branding, and you’re ready to go.
  • Alternatively, Wismotion can create templates especially for you.

Added value for your customer – and a competitive advantage for you.

With our order tracking widget customers access real-time information about delivery status, location, estimated delivery date, and shipment content on your e- commerce site.

  • Ensures an appealing, seamless tracking experience.
  • Automatically selects the customer’s language.
  • Provides space for assembly instructions, advertising banners etc.

Reduce complexity and help customers stay aware.

Wismotion keeps track of the exact storage time for each shipment deposited at a pickup service point. Branded reminders are then sent to the customer at intervals specified by the merchant.    

  • Helpful monitoring: Merchants and customers can easily see when storage time expires, thus avoiding costly returns.
  • No false alarms: Spot checks are done in real time before each reminder is sent out.
  • Continuous support: Wismotion reminders complement the carrier’s notifications.

More within the platform


Wismotion has provided huge relief to our customer service department.


We didn’t hire more staff, we just added a smart visibility platform.

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