Real-time Transportation Visibility

Uncover data-driven insights and opportunities for improvement – from optimizing your supply chain to managing customer expectations.

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Clean. Clear. Connected.

Wismotion’s approach to real-time transportation visibility? API-first* and bottom-up! This lets you rapidly automate processes, collaborate with stakeholders, and increase performance. 

With our clean, high-quality data and clear visualizations, you can mitigate fulfillment risks in real-time. Make informed decisions using dynamic ETAs, automated exception detection, and proactive alerts.

(*) Cloud API links cloud computing services together, and is a pre-requisite for real-time data interchange.


Accurate and consistent data is the prerequisite for reliable real-time visibility.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it easy to identify and address risks before they become problems.


Operational efficiency cuts costs and amplifies customer satisfaction, adding value for all stakeholders.

Local, regional, or global deliveries?All of the above!

The future of logistics is clear: Businesses and consumers will want even more convenience, speed, and sustainability. Today’s networks have already become very complex – just think of the wide range of service providers needed for truly global delivery.

But sky-high expectations don’t have to cause headaches. The Wismotion real-time visibility platform lets you access data from a powerful portfolio of service providers: from order fulfillment, to international transportation, to last-mile delivery. Talk about convenient!

See what’s really going on

Our holistic approach to connectivity gives you full control. The Wismotion real-time visibility platform tracks all of your inbound, outbound, dropship, and return shipments – across all service providers.

Whether you are a retailer, a manufacturer, or a 3PL provider, we’ll closely monitor all of your transportation scenarios, alerting you if there’s any need for action.

Live monitoring and tracking 

With Wismotion, real-time data is transformed into visual insights on your screen, letting you detect and solve potential issues before it’s too late.

An intuitive dashboard – just for you

We’ve designed and built user-friendly widgets especially for live monitoring. You can quickly assemble your dream dashboard, in line with your business and role. Just pick what you need, ignore the rest!

Your personalized monitoring dashboard makes it easy to:

  • Get a helicopter view of the current situation.
  • Zoom in to find the items with risk potential.
  • Take informed, timely action.

All the hotspots – in one place

Our alert heatmap lets you quickly identify issues and take appropriate actions. For example, you can:

  • See where incorrect addresses have put deliveries on hold.
  • Identify what shipments are in the wrong countries.
  • See what shipments are at risk of being returned.

Search, tag, and share with ease

Wismotion gathers all your event information in one place. This helps you interact smoothly with stakeholders, service providers, and customers alike.

  • Find an order, shipment, or product by entering search terms in a search bar: just like Google!
  • Intelligent automatic tags, combined with manual notes keep the whole team updated.
  • Smart connectors make it super-easy to share information.

More within the platform


Wismotion has provided huge relief to our customer service department.


We didn’t hire more staff, we just added a smart visibility platform.

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See live monitoring and tracking in action.

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