How GardenStore cultivates efficiency and keeps customers happy

Home, sweet home! Over the past few years, many people have (re-)discovered the joy of creating a beautiful patio, balcony, or garden. Unsurprisingly, the home-and-garden market is currently transitioning to e-commerce, with a large market share increase expected. So-called perfect deliveries help ensure fewer returned items – and more returning customers – but retailers need to keep a close eye on costs.

Customer challenge

GardenStore Nordic AB offers everything you could possibly want for your garden and home: from lawn mowers and grills to outdoor furniture and decor. The Swedish retailer entered the e-commerce arena in 2017, and now generates 95% of its revenue online. Most orders are sent directly from their large warehouse in Eskilstuna; the rest are drop-shipped by partners across Europe. Growing steadily, GardenStore’s main challenge was finding a way to consolidate delivery lead times and alerts for different carriers, particularly during season peaks.


We are very happy with Wismotion. This SaaS solution, along with our new return and claim system, saves us a lot of work: about 20%.

Solution and benefits

In early 2021, GardenStore pinpointed Wismotion as the ideal visibility platform, and quickly implemented the software. “Now, with a single click, my colleagues in customer service get a clear, unified overview of deliveries – in real-time, and for all carriers,” explains Erik Hallgren, Logistics Manager at GardenStore. “We are very happy with Wismotion. This SaaS solution, along with our new return and claim system, saves us a lot of work: about 20%, in fact.” Thanks to Wismotion, drop-ship orders can be followed automatically. The ticket-to-sale ratio has greatly improved, as well. According to Hallgren, mobile-friendly order visibility plays a key role in reassuring customers, thus decreasing the volume of WISMO (“Where Is My Order?”) calls.

Wismotion has provided huge relief to our customer service department.

Erik Hallgren
Logistics Manager, GardenStore Nordic AB

A look ahead

In future, GardenStore plans to even use even more of the functions offered within Wismotion, for example to automatically notify customers in case of delays. And the company has ambitious goals: Having expanded into Norway, Germany, Austria, and Denmark, GardenStore is working to become #1 in home and garden products. We wish them much success!

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